Command Line Options
Posted by Tony Romanelli on 20 December 2016 12:11 PM

These options can be used to manipulate the game at a lower level than an options menu can. Also able to execute some other misc. commands.


ConsoleX: Horizontal position for console output window.

ConsoleY: Vertical position for console output window.

WinX: Set the horizontal position of the game window on the screen.

WinY: Set the vertical position of the game window on the screen.

ResX: Set horizontal resolution for game window.

ResY: Set vertical resolution for game window.

VSync: Activate the VSYNC via command line. (prevents tearing of the image but costs fps and causes input latency)

NoVSync: Deactivate the VSYNC via command line

BENCHMARK: Run game at fixed-step in order to process each frame without skipping any frames. This is useful in conjunction with DUMPMOVIE options.

DUMPMOVIE: Dump rendered frames to files using current resolution of game.

EXEC: Executes the specified exec file.

FPS: Set the frames per second for benchmarking.

FULLSCREEN: Set game to run in fullscreen mode.

SECONDS: Set the maximum tick time.

WINDOWED: Set game to run in windowed mode.

LANPLAY: Tells the engine to not cap client bandwidth when connecting to servers. Causes double the amount of server updates and can saturate client's bandwidth.

MULTIHOME: Tells the engine to use a multihome address for networking.

PORT: Tells the engine to use a specific port number.

NOSOUND: Disable any sound output from the engine.

NOSPLASH: Disable use of splash image when loading game.

NOTEXTURESTREAMING: Disable texture streaming. Highest quality textures are always loaded.

NOHOMEDIR: Override use of My Documents folder as home directory.

PREFERREDPROCESSOR: Set the thread affinity for a specific processor.

USEALLAVAILABLECORES: Force the use of all available cores on the target platform.

BugLoc (e.g. BugLoc=(X=1798.8569,Y=475.9513,Z=-8.8500))

BugRot (e.g. BugRot=(Pitch=-1978,Yaw=-7197,Roll=0))

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