Can I have my Frontwire account deleted?
Posted by Tony Romanelli on 21 March 2017 09:30 AM

IF you are interested in deleting your Frontwire account, please open a support ticket so we can help you determine if account deletion is right for you.

Before we are able to delete any accounts, you do need to be aware of some very important info.

  1. Having a Frontwire account is 100% free. It costs you nothing to leave your account intact in the event you decide to return in the future.
  2. If you are just trying to unlink your social media or game account, we can help you do that without deleting your account.

Please be aware that by deleting your account, any DLC or expansion packs purchased via your Frontwire account will be lost and unplayable as the game account (Steam, PSN) will no longer be linked to a verified Frontwire account. In addition, you will also lose access to any Multiplayer features, game statistics and forum access.

This process is final and is not able to be undone. After deletion, all records of your account in your system will be purged. We will be unable to provide you with any support regarding the deleted account at all.


So that we are able to handle your deletions request, we are required to obtain your full consent to the deletion as well as your full understanding of all consequences that come with deleting your account. Please review the below process for deleting your Frontwire account:

  1. Open a new support ticket to the "Technical Support" department with the ticket type "Account Deletion"

  2. Include the following information in the ticket:
    •The reason you want your account deleted
    •The username and email address registered to the account
    Note: If you do not provide the above information, we will request it from you
  3. Copy and paste the following into the body of the ticket under the above requested information:
    I confirm I want my Frontwire account deleted from the system
    I understand that I will lose complete access to all Frontwire Studios games, purchased content and services
    •I understand that once my account is deleted, I will be unable to access it in the future.
    •I understand that this process can not be undone

Please note: Once we receive a request for account deletion, our team will review the account history and may request further information or identity verification before the deletion takes place. In addition, Frontwire Studios reserves the right to deny an account deletion request at anytime for any reason.


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