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How many game modes are there?
Posted by Tony Romanelli on 20 December 2016 07:39 PM

There are currently four game modes for Galaxy in Turmoil's multiplayer. They are:


1) Invasion - The attacking team starts with a limited amount of tickets in space on a capital ship, the defending team starts with infinite tickets on the ground. The objective is for the attacking team to systematically capture and accomplish certain objectives to complete the different stages of the "Invasion". Each completed objective gives more lives to the attackers, along with increasing the time limit of the current match. The attackers win should all objectives be completed. The defenders win should they successfully repel the "Invasion" by either eliminating all invading forces, or outlasting them on an overhead objective timer.

2) Acquisition - A set amount of control points are spread throughout the map. Both teams will fight for control of these control points to acquire them to allow for their respective teams to spawn on them, in turn allowing those teams to push forward to the next control points. Total capture of all control points will stop enemy team spawning. Once all enemies are dead, or one team’s respective ticket count is diminished, the opposing team wins.

3) Siege (Competitive Mode) - One defending team, one attacking team on a capital ship. Infinite tickets for both teams, timed match. The attacking team must set up bombs and allow them to detonate on specific objectives to push towards the next area of play progressing through the capital ship. The defending team must defuse these bombs to prevent the attacking team from progressing towards the ships reactor core. The attacking team is given a time limit, and completing the current objective will give extensions to this time limit. The attacking team wins once the reactor core is destroyed before time has expired. The defending team wins once the time limit is reached.

4) Team Death match - Limited amount of tickets for both teams. The objective is to reduce the opposing team’s ticket count to zero. Adaptive spawning to prevent spawn trapping. Random vehicle spawns on designated areas.

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