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If I am banned, can I keep my FWC?
Posted by Tony Romanelli on 20 December 2016 04:52 PM

In the event you get banned on any Frontwire Service that uses Frontwire Coins to purchase additional perks, you will keep your Frontwire Coins. The only time you lose your FWC is in the event you are permbanned. Once permbanned, your FWC bank account will be emptied and any FWC credited to the FWC Bank Vault.




Why do my FWC coins get removed if I get permbanned?


Frontwire Coins are a perk given to active members of the community that participate in competitions and are considered a privilege. Being Frontwire Coins do not cost any money and are free to obtain, we reserve the right to remove FWC from any user at any time for any reason. Users are only permbanned for reasons that have a negative impact or effect on the entire Frontwire community. As such, we remove the FWC from permbanned accounts and place them into the community vault so other users have a chance to obtain more FWC for their good behaviour.


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