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VIP Program Information
Posted by Tony Romanelli on 20 December 2016 04:43 PM

There is a VIP system in place in our Discord. To attain VIP status, you must buy VIP with Frontwire Coins obtain from the Frontwire Vault. As of right now, the cost for lifetime VIP status is 100 coins. You can buy VIP by typing !buy vip into the #general chat room. The price and duration of VIP are subject to change at any time. 

VIP users receive the following Discord perks:

  • Bragging rights
  • a VIP role including a yellow name so you can stand out and bling bling
  • A separate (higher) spot on the userlist
  • The ability to post images and embed links in #general chat
  • An upgrade in coolness! (Disclaimer: Does not upgrade coolness)
  • 1 custom emoji on our server
  • A PRIVATE High Performance Discord-voice channel for you and your friends!


How do I receive FWC?

If you have been banned while having the VIP status, or if you're behaving erratically, harmful, malicious, or in any way that violates our #rules, we may remove your VIP status. This shouldn't be a problem. If you've made it far enough on our server to be able to buy VIP, you probably shouldn't get banned.


How do I add an emoji?

With the VIP status, you are granted the right to manage the server's emojis. This is located at the top left: Frontwire Studios Official > Server Settings > Emoji. We regularly check you do not exceed the amount of allowed emojis. Upon abuse, we may revoke your VIP status. Removing other people's emojis will result in an instant removal of your VIP status.


I am on probation, can I be a VIP too?

Sorry, but no. You will have to get out of probation first. However, you can still join competitions and earn FWC like normal members. That means you could rack up enough FWC to become a VIP instantly after getting out of probation


How do I get this totally awesome private voice channel?

In order to get a private voice channel, please open a ticket to our Community Team. Be sure to include the following:

  • Set the subject as Discord Private Room Request - USERNAME (Example: Discord Private Room Request - bUbir)
  • Include your Discord ID
  • What you would like your private room to be called (IE. bUbir's bUbies)

Once we receive your request, our team will work on getting your room created. Please note: it may take up to 72 hours for your request to be completed.

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